Get the VALUE ‘Feeling’

Landlords, when you deal with your agent do you get the feeling they are offering you VALUE?

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They may VALUE your business and property but WHAT is it that YOU as a Landlord, value?

Good tenants, rent on time, property management, etc, any good agent should do that!

But what sets an agent apart? What do agents give you that you VALUE?

What about up to date knowledge on compliance and the new data protection legislation? Of course you expect your agents to know all of this information at their finger tips but keeping abreast of the plethora of changes this government is throwing at agents, it is pretty hard work and can be a considerable expense, paying to keep staff updated, but this gives landlords security and peace of mind, adding to that feeling of VALUE.

Can you discuss, exit strategies with your agent and can they offer solutions for you particularly for ‘staged’ exits? Has your agent got Rent to Own in place? Guaranteeing you a rental income with a sale at the end, with internal property maintenance as a additional comfort? Would that give you a feeling of ‘Value’?

How about, advice on how to build your portfolio? Do you know which properties will give you the least void periods? Which areas are always popular? Do you know which part of your investment area gives the best yields or ROI? Do you know the statistics of the % of BTL properties V Owner occupier? Does your agent? Would this kind of information make you  feel that you were getting value?


Planning on making alterations to your property?

Do you need planning or building regulations consent? Do you know the rules for development in a conservation area or for Listed Building consent? No? Does your Agent know the basics? If the answer to that one is YES then you should feel the ‘Value’ oozing from your agent!

Project Management!

Which are the best contractors for the job? How long will it take? Do you have to move the Tenants out to do the work? Who will oversee the daily management of the project? Can Your agent assist with this? If they can then that definitely counts on the Value stakes!


So with the changes to the EPC legislation coming in April 2018, are you all sorted? Can you raise  your EPC to the minimum of an ‘E’ rating? Could you do with some financial assistance? Can  your agent access the financial assistance required? If they can, then you have hit the ‘Value Jackpot!‘ Congratulations!! You must truly feel the Value your agent is providing.

If you are NOT getting that Value feeling, come and talk to the Appledore Team! We know the meaning of VALUE!