Landlords! Did you know?

There is NO exemption for EPC’s for Listed Buildings. All Listed buildings must have an EPC. This MUST be given to Tenants at the start of the Tenancy. If you have not provided an EPC and you serve a Section 21 notice it will fail. Deregulation Act 2015.
Furthermore, the Tenant must acknowledge receipt of the EPC.
As from 2018, all Landlords who rent Listed Buildings will need to register on a data base if they are unable to bring the Listed Building EPC up to an E. Grounds for this may included that the works required will materially alter the Listed Building.

Electrical Safety Regulations.

The 2016 Electrical Equipment (Safety) regulations 2016 require a Landlord to provide the instruction manual for all electronic equipment including integrated appliances that were purchased after December 2016. The instructions MUST be left either with the Agent or at the property in perpetuity until the appliance is removed.(copies must be made for the Agent) in case of loss. The Tenants must also acknowledge receipt of these documents. The penalty for failure to provide this can be a custodial sentence and a fine.

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